By passion from One-of-a-kind 55’ to production series

The determination of a new type, of a new kind of product, is a process that not only flows from the creativity and soul of the designer but is also the result of an evolution of the environment in which the phenomenon takes place.

The minivans would have remained vans if the car market had not been mature to favor function to form. Certainly, to be able to give life to a new concept, a demiurge is needed, with the skill to perceive the evolution of taste and costumes and give it a body in a form. Bleugame is achieving this result.

What are Bluegame yachts? Open boats? Fishermans? Fast commuters? Chase boats? Day cruisers? Walk around? They are a cultural, functional and morphological synthesis of different types of boats that merge into a form never seen before, the Sport Utility Boats, in the creation of undefined usability spaces.

The "function that creates the organ", as it is said in an evolutionary tone, comes from my vision, from my culture and studies of architecture, from my experience as Olympic sailor, with many thousands of miles and hours on the waves.

Founder of Bluegame

The reason why

Game changer attitude, this is the Brand essence of Bluegame that perfectly expresses the courageous and independent spirit of the brand, which dared to propose a boat free of any category, an unconventional, multipurpose boat. A new concept targeting a sophisticated and highly demanding niche of expert yachtmen.

Exclusivity, uniqueness, unmistakable design, maximum quality, unexpected degree of customization are the founding values that in 2018 legitimized Bluegame to proudly become part of Sanlorenzo. Sanlorenzo has given Bluegame a tremendous booster and today the company is tasked to develop an ambitious business plan, growing through the addition of new ranges, starting from the BGX, which has the great responsibility to pick up in a smaller scale the helm of Sanlorenzo’s SX sister range.

The horizons have broadened far beyond the imaginable, new pages will be written and we are just at the beginning.